Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is There an Increase in Anti-Christian Sentiment?

Is it just me or do others feel like there is an increase in anti-Christian sentiment Through out the world? Are we moving into a post Christian era In America? Will we have to suffer persecution as our fellow believers have already suffered? These are questions that I have been pondering as I see the rapid changes going on in our country and throughout the world. I think the biggest shocker was when president Obama declared that the United States of America is not a Christian nation. He said this during a speech he gave in Egypt. Why would he deny our basic roots and heritage? Maybe it is because he is not truely a Christian. I believe that now is the time for all Christians to get on their knees and pray so God can heal our land. We need to cry out for The intervention of the Most High God  before we become as other Godless nations and ultimately suffer the wrath of out creator.  What will become of us if we ignore what is happening?


  1. Hi Sister,
    I agree. Mr. Obama is the one who is not a Christian. I do see persecution brewing for us. Just think, now they will legalize gay marriage, what will Christians be seen as? They will soon say we practice hate.They will say we discriminate. But God is for us so who can be against us.My son and I pray nightly for America, like you, we see where the coutry is headed. But God is for us..He is for you and I, so we will hold fast to our crowns. Amen?

  2. Amen and amen my sister.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    May our God bless you you with His great loving kindness all the day's of your life.

  3. I think Christians need to love. We're supposed to love our enemies and do good to those who are against us, not judge them and try to clean their sin up. How can people see God unless through us... meaning love and forgiveness, not snobbery an
    d agendas. This message is so clear in the Bible. We're to feed the hungry and encourage the poor and be blind to their imperfections...the way God remembers our sin no more. This is how people get a vision for who God is. I don't think it matters which way politics goes, but when faith turns to dead forceful judgemental religion, who can blame the bad sentiment. Christians need to stop blaming and being chicken littles about persecution and realize how much of this is OUR FAULT. We need to start loving in a bold way. That is what turns hearts and nations around.