Saturday, January 15, 2011

Any friend of God’s is an enemy of the devil.

As Satan moves to and frow across the earth seeking whom he may devour, God is constantly seeking to draw us closer to the safety that waits in the shadow of the Almighty. He wants us to come to him for protection from the one whom seeks to destroy all that God loves and cares for.

There is a battle occurring for the hearts and minds of all angelic and human beings.

Satan wants to make you doubt whether God cares at all for you and whether or not He even exits.

Satans rebellion began before the concept of time and continues even now. He desires to turn all of us away from God that we might worship him.

To many of us are willing victims of the wiles of the ancient evil one. Our own lusts rule over us if we do not stay close to our Creator.

We willingly walk to edge of the abyss by serving our fleshly desires instead of God and Satan just gives us the final nudge.

As we fall completely into the degradation of sin, Satan rejoices because he has caused sorrow for Our Heavenly Father who loves us. His whole purpose in destroying us is to cause pain and sorrow to Almighty God. He is the enemy of God and therefore the enemy of all of Gods creation. If we are Freinds of God We are to be the enemy of Satan. We fight against his shemes and deceptions. If we go along with Satans plans , We then have joined his team.

What can we do about defeating this enemy?

Submit to God.

Resist the Devil and he will flee from you ....... James 4;7

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