Monday, August 9, 2010

What does God want from you?

I have see many folks struggle trying to figure out why they feel less then satisfied in their relationship with God. They go to church, never miss Tuesday night bible study. They are quick to volunteer for commitees at the church. These folks give to charity and watch what they say so not to offend people. It seems as if they're doing all the right things, doesn't it? Yet they are not satisfied, something is missing.

What is missing is understanding what God really wants. What God desires from us is for us to put our relationship with him first. He wants to be the center of our life. Going through the motions and staying busy with commitee's and activities is fine. But that should not be the focus of our life. Building our relationship with the Almighty should be the most important thing in our lives.

How can we accomplish this relationship building? Well, pretty much the same way way you would do it with anyone else. Spent time together with God. Talk with Him. Learn as much as you can possibly learn about Him. After all He already knows everything about you. You acomplish these things by spending time with God, In prayer and in studying His word. The more time you spend With our Creator the stronger your relationship will become and the closer you will be with Him. This closeness will bring not only satisfaction but great joy and faith into your being.

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