Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Had A Talk With God Today

Well, I had a talk with God today and told him all about my troubles and cares. He listened intently as I cried and moaned about all the problems I have. Then He gently reminded me that Nothing is to hard for him to fix and that He is concerned with everything that concerns me. I'm so glad we had the chance to talk. You see God is my source of hope and strength. and without Him in my life I would be a mess! Why do I say that? Because I remember How I was before I knew My lord and Savior and It wasn't pretty!

God is so awesome. He took a broken person and made her whole. He took a wasted life and made it into a life worth living. Yes, God Is my hope and my redemption. He is my provider and my healer. He is everthing to me.

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